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This website is using JAMstack via Netlify, made with pure Bootstrap, but I might eventually switch to Semantic UI.

If you are curious about crypto, I highly recommend you to join an exchange, or other wealth management service, especially if they have some learning materials, even better if they appreciate your learning curve, and if you feel more adventurous, get yourself a hardware wallet, or two. My personal preference for major exchanges, or other wealth management services is the following - be reminded that they might require KYC.

While a crypto exchange is easy to use, the most secure way to safeguard your assets are hardware wallets. My personal preference for devices is the following.

Receiving crypto assets can be confusing due to the weird addresses, all different for almost each asset - only shared if the coins operate on the same blockchain. Getting a human readable address is therefore a must - if it looks like a standard URL, even better. That's where the .crypto and .zil TLDs come in handy.

The web is full of trackers and ads, and other nasties that you shouldn't want to stalk you wherever you go, this is where NextDNS comes in handy: better and faster than an adblocker extension, it filters your traffic at the DNS level. You can activate logging, or deactivate it completely, switch DNS server location, and so much more. It also supports Handshake domain resolution, so you can visit URLs like this link collection landing page, thanks to Namebase - this won't work without HNS-compatible DNS resolver.